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We specialize in process plant engineering. We have cooperated with a local designer company in Stockholm, Sweden. Our main activities were engineering and contracting in the following fields of industry:

  • Biochemicals, Fats
  • Chemicals
  • Oil and Gas
  • Fine Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals
  • Foodstuff

Besides being in-house specialists for project management and plant design, we also dealt with Environmental technology and validation in relation to the above mentioned fields of industry.

Project Amersham - Lav, Dextran, Agarose

  • Client: GE Healthcare
  • Location of project: Uppsala, Sweden
  • Description of work: Complete mechanical design of the pharmaceutical factory. Designing of the 3D model of the complete mechanical engineering piping system, based on P&ID and architectural drawings.

Statoil Hydro project:

  • Client : Statoil (Norway)
  • Location of project: Riga, Latvia
  • Description of work: Complete 3D design of an oil and fuel-operating logistical unit.


  • Field assessment
  • P&ID design and database maintenance.
  • Complete 3D modeling design of technological pipe system.
  • 3D modeling of mechanical units, equipments.
  • 3D modeling of incoming 2D supply data from other offices.

At the end of the engineering process we generated:

  • data supplies for other offices
  • executive plans
  • isometric plans
  • material lists


The making of P&ID has strict rules.

  • P&ID software used: Autodesk AutoCAD
  • In P&ID drawings all units, equipment and pipes have their own codes and background database information.
  • Every item can be identified by this code and background database information.
  • P&IDs can be used to produce equipment lists.


Our company assumes the complete design of HVAC, plumbing, water and gas supply and heating for buildings including offices, home buildings, industries. Our engineers have the qualification and licenses of Hungarian Chamber of Engineering to be able to solve any possible assignment needed to the planning job.
We have experience to design entire systems for buildings mentioned above using programs cooperating 3D in AutoCad or Bentley Microstation systems. Applying the architectural plans we make the conception and scheme of the systems measuring the chillers, boilers, air-handling units, ducts and components (valves, containers, heat exchangers etc.) as well. The measuring means hydraulical and acoustical monitoring for the systems.
Through the process of designing we make floor plans, sectional and cutting views and bill of materials for the building contractor.
If needed we can provide all the building authorizations necessary for set up a project (passed out by the local governments, municipal works).

We have references show our previous works if required, consisting drawings, measuring methods and view, pictures also.